Engineering Design and Consultancy Featured Projects:



1- Design of Al-Siniya Repump station, in a capacity of 500m3/hr. The project was designed and built by Saqar Al-Fahal Company. The total cost was 2,590,000,000 IQD

(two billions and five hundred and ninety million Iraqi Dinars).


2- Engineering supervision on Sewage Projects in the following cities: Al-Shirqat, Baiji, Tikrit /


Qadissiya and Balad in Salah Eddin Province with a total cost of 14,590,404,720 IQD (Fourteen billions and five hundred and ninety millions and four hundred and four thousands and seven hundred and twenty Iraqi Dinars)

3- Design of Typical Police Station

4- Design of Directorate of Salah Eddin Response Police Building 5- Design of typical Districts Police Station

6- Design Approval on Salah Eddin Sewage Layouts.

7- Design of Supplies Offices Building for Salah Eddin Police.

8- Design of Balqees Palace


The main field in which Saqar Al-Fahal specializes is Construction and general contracts and engineering consultancy and preparation of studies and designs. Saqar Al-Fahal has the ability to design and to execute major civil works from various types of buildings to major roads and bridges, with state-of-the-art engineering tools and equipment.

Civil Construction Featured Projects:

1- Construction of Housing Complex in Ninawa Province – Telaafar District with a cost of

nearly (58,000,000,000) fifty eight billion IQD; the project is still under construction.

2- Construction of Qutan Khalifa road from Altun Kobri to the mountains,

with a cost of (378,600,000) three hundred and seventy eight millions and six hundred thousand IQD

3- Construction of inner roads and draining system for Gas Drying Units in Bay Hassan and South Jamboor. The total cost is (163,000,000) one hundred and sixty three millions IQD for Northern Oil Company.

4- Construction of the Building of Dawr Mayoralty with total cost of (925,657,000) nine hundred and twenty five millions and six hundred and fifty seven thousands IQD.

5- Construction of Supplies Directorate for Salah Eddin Police for (247,105,000) two hundred and forty seven millions and one hundred and five IQD.

6- Construction of Primary school for (450,000,000) four hundred and fifty millions IQD.

7- Construction of security fence for Oil pipelines 100km for (14,000,000,000) fourteen billion IQD for Northern Oil Company.

8- Construction of Higher Electoral Commission in Salah Eddin Building for (587,500,000) five hundred and eighty seven millions and five hundred thousand IQD.

9- Construction of three Main Health Care Centers for Salah Eddin Directorate of Health, for (1,044,000,000) one billion and forty four millions IQD.

10-      Construction       of       Tikrit       University       Research       Center       for (1,200,000,000) one billion and two hundred millions IQD.

Electrical Construction Featured Projects:

1- Construction of 11Kv power line running 15 km in hard terrain from north Bayji to Massahag with a total cost of (276,705,000) two hundred and seventy six millions and seven hundred and five thousands IQD.

2- Electrical Substation 132kv in Samarra for (1,000,000,000) one billion IQD.

3- Supply and installation of electrical substation 33kv/11kv in Jellam for (1,320,000,000) one billion and three hundred and twenty millions IQD

4- Up-grade Low-tension power distribution system in Bayji and surrounding villages for (2,033,000,000) two billions and thirty three millions IQD.

5- The extension of Bayji power network for (608,339,000) six hundred and eight millions and three hundred and thirty nine thousands IQD.

6- Provide and supply distribution electrical transformers for Salah Eddin Province for

(2,133,000,000) two billions and one hundred and thirty three million IQD.

7- Supply and install Tuz electrical network in two phases for (1,088,000,000) one billion and eighty eight million IQD.